Want to be an industry insider?

Knowing ACRP’s Mission …

  • Improve the lifting equipment safety standards, consulting and inspection for all those in the lifting and rigging industries.
  • Represent the crane and rigging industry in regulatory forums.
  • Promote lifting equipment safety standards.

Knowing how you would benefit …

  • ACRP provides up-to-date information through national meetings, newsletters, and inter-association communications briefs.
  • Current information helps support better decision making in training and on the job.

Knowing how Employers would benefit …

  • Gaining new techniques in providing superior quality of crane and rigging training.
  • Obtaining timely knowledge of pending and/or effective changes to National, State or Provincial regulations.

Knowing how Individuals would benefit …

  • Meeting experts in the technical industry areas which directly pertain to their daily lifting activities.
  • Valuable business relationships can be made with these experts for assistance during daily operations or information.

Learn how to “load balance” knowledge in your favor, contact the ACRP office.

Tel: 800.690.3921 / +248.994.4312

jeff@acrp.us / caren@acrp.net / barbara@acrp.us


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