Why Join ACRP?

Why Join ACRP?

There are times when an existing member of an association, or someone considering joining such an organization, questions the worth of such an investment in both money and time.  Following is a contribution by a long time member of ACRP, one of the founding fathers and a long time Board member, Brad Closson of CRAFT Forensic Services, which eloquently addresses this issue. The worth of any organization is the member himself. What the member brings to the organization is in direct proportion to the worth he or she derives from this group of individuals.

Any member of ACRP that attends our General Assembly knows the worth of the association and the benefit of membership, so solicit others in the industry to join with us an share in the knowledge freely given by the members of ARCP.

You don’t buy a newspaper — you buy news!

You don’t buy life insurance — you buy security for others!

You don’t buy awnings — you buy shade!

You don’t buy glasses — you buy vision!

You don’t buy membership in an Association — you buy valued, essential

services; you buy advice of competent individuals with whom you can

join hands to accomplish the things you cannot do alone!

(Contributed by Brad Closson, CRAFT Forensic Services)

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