Professional Member: an individual or entity that provides crane, rigging or lift equipment training, consulting, engineering, inspection or related services for hire as its primary revenue source.

Corporate Member: an individual or entity that provides crane, rigging or lift equipment training, consulting, engineering, inspection or related services; not for hire, but for fellow employees of a single employer, as an in-house service.

Associate Member: an individual or entity that does not qualify as a professional or corporate member, but has an interest in the crane, rigging and lift equipment industries and the work of the ACRP.



Learning Opportunities Each year at the national convention, ACRP members increase their knowledge by visiting and touring manufacturing facilities for crane and rigging products. In addition, the annual meeting Includes technical training sessions to enhance the knowledge base of members. Plus, these sessions provide an opportunity to gain CEU’s.

Industry Forums Through the national convention, association committees, and related industry events, ACRP members can learn about and voice opinions on important issues, including regulatory issues, crane safety, operator certification, rigging practices, inspections, and other trade-related topics.

Professional Recognition  Members have an opportunity to gain industry recognition by publishing articles in the ACRP newsletter and in CraneWorks magazine, the leading publication for crane and rigging professionals. All members also have the opportunity to participate as working committee members as well as Board of Directors members, as openings occur.

Safety and Training Information  Help improve industry recognition of safe work and inspection processes that deal with rigging and lifting activities. Gain new insight of effective training techniques to use. Establish a network with other members involved with various safety and training segments of the industry.

Trainer Exclusives  ACRP members benefit from using the Standard of Excellence Training Program registration. Plus, they are able to utilize ACRP developed materials for inspections and various training topics.

Internet Access ACRP members have an opportunity to ask questions through the association’s web site bulletin board. There’s also the latest industry information as well as links to other industry sites.



Before joining the Association of Crane and Rigging Professionals (ACRP), we ask that you read our purpose and benefits section. When joining the ACRP, you commit to helping the lift and equipment industry by continuing the pursuit of professional excellence. Applicants must submit their annual dues with the registration form. You may choose to register online or fax with an accompanying credit card or call ACRP Headquarters to request a registration.


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